Brave Your Fear

Her followers love her because she is raw, open and as willing to be as unedited as she is capable of being sexy. She is changing. She is refreshing. She is on a mission to connect.

Coming in Hot Podcast

A full-time creator, Adidas Global Ambassador and former SoulCycle instructor who’s crushing the social media game and making you actually feel BETTER, not worse. 

Create and Cultivate

Cleo Wade, Liz Plank, Sophia Roe & More On Why You Need To #StepOutside Your Comfort Zone

Woke & Wired

Get Out Of Your Comfort Zone, Own Your Decisions, And Why You Don’t Have To Have It All Figured Out


For Jera, the dream of becoming a SoulCycle instructor seemed impossible. But she persevered through setbacks and roadblocks before finally reaching the podium. She shares her inspiring journey.

Brand Yourself Podcast

You’ll discover: what it was like to leave behind her career in graphic design and pursue a career in fitness, Her biggest, heart-wrenching failure and what she did to get through it and come out on top, and more…


Meet the adidas EdgeBounce, a sneaker created in collaboration with adidas ambassadors Ally Love, Chinae Alexander, Jera Foster-Fell, and Meagan Kong. 

Refinery 29

The Core Exercise Trainers Love (No, It’s Not A Plank)


The Top 30 Fitness Stars of 2016: Here is the creme de la creme in fitness today that will keep you going and inspired through tomorrow. Prepare to be impressed & inspired by these kick-ass women!

Past Your Bedtime Podcast

Spillin' The Tea On Loving Your Bod: talking everything from weight gain, detox teas and butt pimples! What’s the secret to loving your body?

Mind Body Green

3 Moves To Strengthen Your Core (No Equipment Required!)


A NASM-certified trainer, blogger, Instagram fitspo goddess and adidas ambassador, Jera Foster-Fell is many things - but a quitter isn’t one of them.



8 Fitness Experts Share Their Favorite Healthy Snacks

Marie Claire

5 Pieces of Career Advice You've Never Heard Before


Check out Jera’s favorite picks for powering through a spin class, downward-dogging in yoga, or pushing through one more rep in the weight room


We hit up some Insta-influencers for inside tips on how to partner with brands and transform your feed into a profitable biz, while still being your excellent self.

Mind Body Green

From Chasing Abs To Embracing Stretchmarks: The Evolution Of Body Positivity On Instagram

Bitter Blush

Since leaving SoulCycle a few months ago, Hera’s been able to spend more time working on her brand, which is all about exiting the comfort zone, enjoying life, and finding confidence.


How I empowered myself to kick my own butt into shape

Smarty Pants

Jera has perfected the art of looking effortlessly chic yet totally relatable on her Instagram. We talked about everything from the evolution of her name to what’s in her Netflix queue.  

Meno Design Podcast

Jera is the ultimate self-made Instagram success story. How did she get there? Well, in the words of Jera, you could say that she “Trusted her Dopeness”.