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I recently arrived in Mexico for vacation. It was a full day of travel to get there, so that combined with the fact that I hadn’t slept much the nights prior led me to doze off for a glorious twelve-hour night of sleep. Holy smokes! The next morning, I woke up in a groggy daze, brushed my teeth, and reached for my sunscreen stick that I like to use for my face. Since I was heading outside to get coffee, I figured I’d be a responsible adult and protect my skin. No sunburns, no wrinkles, no thank you!

 I pulled off the cap, rubbed it all over my face, and when I looked down at what I was holding through my sleepy half opened eyes, I said to myself, “oh heck!”. Instead of my sunscreen stick, I had applied my deodorant stick all of my face.  


The good news is, besides that my face wouldn’t smell like BO all day, was that it was my Native Deodorant in my favorite scent, Cucumber & Mint.

Now let’s back up for a second. This post is about my experience using natural deodorant for the past few months, but in order to really dive into this, I need to back up to describe my overall experience with sweat.

I’ve always been a sweaty person. Like, sweatier than most. I remember first being embarrassed about it in middle school. I didn’t want to wear tight shirts because I didn’t want to sweat through the armpits.

 And as I’ve evolved into an adult, sweat has taken on an additional meaning with my social anxiety. It’s something I can talk about at length, but to put it succinctly, my anxiety is linked to the physical act of sweating, and sweating is linked to my anxiety. It’s a chain reaction, and when mixed with my hyperhidrosis (I’ve never officially be diagnosed but 99% sure I have it), it’s a recipe for what feels like my own little personal disaster. I’ve been in plenty social situations where I feel my entire body heat up, sweat breaks out across my forehead, and internally, I completely begin to panic. Not great.

This past fall, I decided to try something called Miradry to help my armpit sweat. It’s a procedure where they, for lack of a better word, zap the sweat glands in your armpit to completely stop sweating in that area. Though this wouldn’t help with sweating elsewhere, I was really excited at the thought of wearing certain tops that I’ve avoided for quite a long time. The treatment worked immediately, and for about a month and a half, my armpits were bone dry. I couldn’t believe it! It felt like a miracle. But, I’m super bummed to say that the sweating eventually came back. The doctor did warn me that for people with hyperhydrosis, it could take two treatments to reap the benefits. So, I could go back for round two, but to be honest with the amount of recovery time I had to deal with, I rather not.

So I am fully back to my normal state of armpit sweating.

I have to be honest, I’ve always been aware of the various discussions and warnings about beauty and hygiene products out there. Especially within the last two years, and especially when it comes to deodorant. I feel like more and more people are talking about “clean”, “non-toxic”, “safe”.

But I’ve turned a blind eye to it. Why? Well, it just feels really overwhelming. From make up, to deodorant, to house hold cleaning products… it just seems like freaking everything is unsafe to use. And what am I supposed to do? Just throw out everything that I’m used to using, and spend a ton of money on new safe products to replace them with products that I may not even like?

To be honest though, I have felt this little pang of guilt. I’ve felt that I really should start paying more attention to what I put on and in my body. And I’ve felt that playing dumb or lazy is pretty ridiculous since it’s my health at stake.

So I asked myself at the end of 2018, what do I usually do when I feel overwhelmed? Well, one, I take a breath. Or maybe a few. And then I start to break things down step by step.

In December 2018, I started to dip my toe into the though of using natural deodorant. I would wear it one day, and switch back to a regular deodorant the next, not ever being able to fully commit.

When Native reached out to me to partner together, it was perfect timing to give myself a more solid push to start exploring and using safe products. Native makes personal care products (deodorant, body wash, toothpaste, and soap, to be exact) that are made from ingredients you can understand, and don’t have any aluminum, parabens, or sulfates. Safe, simple, and effective.


I decided to kick things off with a bang and try Native’s natural deodorant. I will admit, I felt really hesitant to go forth full steam with this as I’ve been pretty married to my anti-persperiant, and also because the only other time I had tried natural deodorant before besides the last month of being off and on with it was the summer of 2014. It burned my armpits so bad, that it broke out into a stinging, hot, bumpy rash. Real cute, I know. I said “bye bye natural deodorant, you are not for me!” until recently.

Spoiler alert: I am happy to report that it has been about two solid months now of using Native’s natural deodorant and I am truly a fan. Why? Well my friend, let’s dive right in.

I know it’s good for my body

Native’s deodorant contains only recognizable ingredients. There is no aluminum in Native’s deodorant, which means there is nothing plugging up my armpit’s sweat ducts. To put it bluntly, aluminum = bad!

The formula is great

It comes in stick form and glides on smoothly. Makes my armpits soft, too!

I love the smell at first sniff and throughout the day

Often times I’ll smell a deodorant and like it, but once it’s on me for a few hours, it almost ends up smelling like BO to me. Like because the scent is in my armpit, I end up associating it with a bad smell, even if there’s no BO involved. Does that make sense? That doesn’t happen at all with Native, though. The cucumber mint scent is my fave and it stays my favorite through the day.

I don’t stink!

I’ve worn Native in a variety of situations, especially super high sweat situations like SoulCycle and Y7 where I leave absolutely drenched in sweat head to toe. My armpits still smell lovely!



Now, those are all the things that I truly love about Native’s deodorant, but there are still a few questions/topics that I want to address in full transparency.


Are your armpits super sweaty while using natural deodorant?

As I mentioned earlier, I am naturally a sweaty person. It’s something I’ve dealt with my whole life. Even while using an antiperspirant, I would still sweat. I don’t find that I sweat more* while using natural deodorant. It honestly feels like it’s about the same amount. So I figure, if I’m going to sweat either way, might as well use a product that’s healthy for me body.

*Putting an asterisk here because there was one situation where I definitely felt my armpits get way sweatier than usual. It was the first hot day we had in NYC, about 70 degrees. I was out walking around NYC doing a ton of errands, and the sweat under my arms did feel excessive. However, I will counter that with the fact that I was also in Mexico recently for a week in humid, 80-90 degree weather each day and never once felt that excess sweat feeling. I’ll definitely keep an eye on it though as it starts to heat up in the city.


Did you have to transition your armpits from regular to deodorant to natural?

I have definitely heard of this before. I’ve seen people talk about “detoxing your pits” on instagram before fully making the switch. I didn’t do this. For me, it was much more of a mental adjustment that I had to deal with. But everyone is different so definitely try it out if it feels like that right thing to do.


Are you SURE you never smell while using deodorant?

Yes! Totally sure! There is only one situation I can think of over the last two months where I sniffed my armpits and noticed a slight smell. It was definitely in a more of a “stress sweat” situation that happened later in the day, and now I know to just do a quick reapplication before something like that. But like I mentioned, even in a 60 minute heated yoga class, I still smell great at the end.


There ya have it folks! My experience with natural deodorant thus far. I know this is a hot topic these days, so I would love to hear your thoughts, experiences, and questions if ya have ‘em!

And for 20% Native products, use code JERA20

This post was sponsored by Native by all opinions are my own.

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