Three Looks for Summer

Officially speaking, I’m no fashion blogger. Unofficially speaking, I’ve always had a strong perspective on my own personal style.

Rewind two decades (woah, has it been that long?!) when I was about nine years old, a girl that I looked up to and thought was the absolute hands down coolest ever wore these gigantic, big, baggy pants. So what did I do? I begged my mom to buy me those same gigantic, big, baggy pants. To paint a picture for you, these pants were so over the top the tourists would stop me on the street to take photos of me.  And when I wore them to school? Well, the principal called my mom and told her that I was no longer allowed to wear them because they caused too much commotion.

Fast forward to present day, I’m no longer wearing those crazy pants, though I will admit, I kinda wish I had kept em. My style now is some sort of a mix of low key, edgy, tomboy, but on occasion, girly vibes. Most days you can find me in high waisted jeans and a baggy vintage tee. Some days you can find me in a crop top and bell-bottoms. And it doesn’t happen super often, but here and there you’ll catch me in a dress or skirt.

Regardless of the style or occasion, one thing is pretty consistent. I. Love. Sneakers. Sneakers with casual jeans all the way to sneakers with a fancy dress. I am all about keeping my feet stylish and comfortable at the same time.

This is why I’m pumped that Nike’s Air and React sneakers have come together to make the sneaker of the summer: Nike Air Max 270 React. In this shoe, you get the style of the Air coupled with the comfort and cushioning of the React. Each colorway released relates specifically to artistic movement or era, for example Bauhaus, mid century color blocking, or San Francisco psychedelia. My pair? Glad you asked- it was inspired by the Geometric Movement. 

Excited by this sneaker and the history behind it, I decided to create my own story line by styling it three different ways that can be worn this summer.



I love the ease of this look both in how it feels wearing it, and how it appears to the eye. Biker shorts are my go to this summer to stay comfortable and cool, and a baggy shirt tucked in makes this outfit ready to go in a matter of seconds. I add my sunglasses for a trendy touch, and my Nike Air Max 270 Reacts finish off the outfit with eye-catching colors.



 I am such a sucker for a matching set. Though this look is definitely not an everyday get up for me, I love how FUN it is! And kinda whimsical too?! Though I love to wear pants and baggy tops, sometimes I get a surge of wanting to go more towards cutsey and sweet , and this certainly satisfies that craving. But here’s the thing, when I wear something girly, I need to still keep it “me” with something edgy or tomboy in nature. Pairing my my Nike Air Max 270 Reacts with this set is the perfect way to balance out the look.



  • Baby blue mini turtle neck short sleeve crop top

  • High waisted blue jeans

  • Big gold hoops

  • Chunky black belt with chain

  • Nike Air Max 270 React

Give me high waisted jeans and I am a very happy girl. Add in a crop top, hoops, and a chunky belt to spice things up, and hot damn! We’ve got ourselves a killer outfit that can be worn all day. I love the pop of color my Nike Air Max 270 Reacts bring to the table with this otherwise almost single tone look, and the comfort that the bring to my feet as I run around the city.


Check out the Nike Air Max 270 React here and lemme know below how you would style them!

Photo by Lacey Ward Creative

This post was sponsored by Nike but all opinions are my own.