Life in Balance Getaway


Picture this: it’s 6am, coffee in hand, and the sun is starting to thread some light over the tops of the mountains in front of you. The air is warm and still. The stars are just starting to blend into the sky. A relaxation sets in that you haven’t felt in quite some time. Finally a moment to breathe.


Mid October, my mom and I hopped on a plane from NYC to Tucson, AZ to visit the Miraval Arizona Resort and Spa with my World of Hyatt Credit Card, a card that rewards both the leisure and business traveler for making smart purchases, particularly those that focus on improving their well-being. You get 4x Bonus Points at Hyatt hotels, 2x Bonus Points on things like restaurants and fitness club and gym memberships, and it makes it easier to get elite status and earn free nights at Hyatt hotels around the world.

The Miraval Arizona Resort and Spa was the perfect hotel to take full advantage of this card as they are a destination for well-being, and besides the absolutely stunning property, they offer activities in fitness, meditation, yoga, and metaphyscial exploration. Their mission is to help each individual create a life in balance.

My mom and I couldn’t believe it when we stepped into our villa upon arrival. The space was breathtaking with its high ceilings, natural light, and beautiful view of the Catalina mountains. Didn’t hurt that there was also a private pool, steam room, fire pit, and huge outdoor shower! We were in absolute heaven.


Here are some of my favorite moments from our stay:

Discovering the labyrinth at sunrise

The labyrinth is a tool of walking meditation that provides a safe, serene environment to focus inward.


Floating Meditation

Suspended in the air and cocooned by silk fabric, we floated and meditated to the sounds of crystal bowls.



Vasudhara is Sanskrit for ‘stream of gems’ or, in the Buddhist tradition, a figure representing the bounty and abundance of water. What a unique experience! While floating in the pool, my eyes were covered from the light, and underwater music played vibrational and soothing sounds. The therapist practiced traditional Thai massage on me to lengthen muscles and open up joints over the course of fifty minutes.



It’s always a bit of a challenge to exercise while on vacation, but The World of Hyatt Credit Card by Chase helps you to maintain a healthy lifestyle no matter where you’re traveling by giving you 2x Bonus Points on fitness club and gym memberships.



In between all of the activities, I was sure to take some time to unwind in my room in the gorgeous tub, as well as our private outdoor pool. Loved ordering room service and lounging before the day started! Wish I could do that every day!


We were so sad when our beautiful stay ended, but left feeling recharged both in body and mind. Already planning my next getaway with my The World of Hyatt Credit Card. Where
should I go next?!


This post is sponsored by Chase and Hyatt but all opinions are my own.

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