Road Trip


You gotta admit, there’s something about the phrase “ROAD TRIP!!!” (especially when you yell it really loudly) that invokes an instant feeling of excitement. Friends, music, weird rest stops, Cheetos, scratch off lotto tickets, and eventually, somewhere along the way, your destination.

So when Toyota asked me to take their 2018 RAV4 Adventure Grade with All-Wheel-Drive out on a summer adventure, I said, “HECK YEA!”

Before taking her out on the road, we got a full run down of all of the RAV4’s awesome features, like:

  • Safety: Toyota Safety Sense Standard at no extra cost (pre-collision system, lane departure alert, dynamic radar cruise control, automatic high beams)

  • Swag: 18-inch 5-spoke black alloy wheels and also extra ride height (which will help you clear more obstacles when you’re off the road)


So, the following day, we packed our suitcases into the Rav4 and set off! The destination? Upstate New York! Ok, I know, not the most exciting destination of all time, but, about nine of us (not all of us in one car, thank goodness) total made the drive up to visit Mike (birthday boy!) and Alexis (about to have a baby!). So that indeed made it super exciting..


The drive up was smooth and faster than expected- the RAV4 was easy to operate and maneuvered like buttah. We ate bagels and clementine’s as we drove out of the concrete jungle. Abram slept. Emily gave me seaweed snacks. Vadim bought scratch off tickets and didn’t win. We made the ultimate discovery that the Rav4 has a heated steering wheel. It rained a bit as we passed through NJ, Pennsylvania, and back into NY as we approached upstate New York.


Upon arrival, we were greeted by Mike, Alexis, their dog Rupert (sweetest ever!) and the rest of the crew that had arrived the night prior.

Day one consisted of eating a huge lunch (food is the #1 priority always, duh), playing corn hole, taking a giant nap back at home, and then a birthday dinner for Mike at Francesca’s Cucina. FUN FACT! Rumor had it, Justin Bieber apparently was supposed to be at the restaurant that evening. We kept our eyes peeled but unfortunately there was no Biebs sighting. Sigh.


The next morning, day 2, everyone was fast asleep, so I snuck out for a little sunrise yoga to get the day going.


Upon return, everyone was peeling themselves out of bed, managed to get a cup of coffee in, and then we were out the door to head to one of the finger lakes to take a pontoon boat out for a few hours. Snacks were a-plenty, we bumped some good tunes, had a plank contest (held mine for a solid four minutes though Emily beat me with five minutes!), and few of us jumped into swim. And by us, I mean not me.

On the way back home, we stopped at a local farmer stand to pick up some peaches. Eric ending up making this cuckoo bananas grilled peach salad later for dinner that honestly was the most delicious salad I’ve ever had. We all went to a grocery store to pick up plenty of BBQ-in’ goodness. Followed by yet another delicious nap upon returning to Mikes and Alexis’ house. Are you noticing a theme here? Sleep and food, babay!!!


The evening ended with hanging out in the backyard while the sun dipped down, a mighty display of BBQ craftsmanship, a big dinner with the whole crew, lots of laughs, and a movie to top of the day (though I will admit, I fell asleep halfway through it).


The next day, Abram, Bridgette, and I loaded up the Rav4, and made our way back to NYC after an incredible weekend!


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